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Meeting Announcements
Most meetings are held on a Tuesday at the Town Hall, located on Route 307 in Austinburg. The meetings are held in the basement, use the back-door entrance.  There is parking behind the Hall for your convenience.

Austinburg Country Day's Motorcycle Show 2004
1st Annual 'Ride in Only'
The event that has been in idea stage for the past 3 years is now possible. We are going to combine the Antique Car Show and the Motorcycle Show together. The coordinators are still in the planning stages and are looking for ideas, contestants, sponsors and judges.
Open to all and any "running" motorcycle....RIDE IN ONLY!!!!
This will be a best of show - in your category
More information will be posted as it becomes available. 

The Country Day's Committee encourages everyone, especially those living in Austinburg, to get involved in YOUR Country Day's.
We are always looking for new volunteer's to help with organiziation, new ideas, and suggestions to make this event even better.
At this time we are currently looking for someone to organize and oversee our 'Country Maidens Contest' the "Pizza Eating Contest". Also, we need help with maintenance.
Please attend a meeting and get involved in your community today